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Ryobi-G real-time vibration monitoring applications in Singapore have been proven to be highly relevant. Most important of all, the results acquired with our vibration meters and monitoring systems are reliable and accurate. Besides real-time vibration monitoring for sensitive equipment (Micro-Vibration Monitoring), Ryobi-G team specializes in vibration monitoring for buildings and structures as well.

Applications of our vibration techniques include:
Assess – Determine whether the vibration data acquired exceeds acceptable limits.
Investigate – Identify and verify vibration sources and transmission paths.
Mitigate – Recommend and implement modifications/adjustments to achieve the ideal reduction in vibration level.

In Singapore, some of the past project requirements include:
– Measure and quantify the impact of external vibration on vibration-sensitive equipment.
– Measure and quantify the impact of external vibration on the buildings and structures.
– Measure and quantify the impact of external vibration on human occupants in the affected buildings.
– Investigate transmission paths and sources of external vibration affecting human occupants and vibration-sensitive equipment.


External vibration generated by construction activities here in Singapore may have adverse effects on the surrounding buildings, structures and vibration-sensitive facilities. These include hospitals, medical laboratories and semiconductor manufacturing plants which houses sensitive equipment such as Electron Microscopes, MRI Scanners, Surgical Microscopes and Laser Profilometers etc. Ryobi G’s vibration monitoring system is specially designed to detect and analyze extremely low amplitude vibrations, below the intensity level humans can feel.

 Asides from helping facilities to meet their unique sensitive requirements, Ryobi-G’s sophisticated micro-vibration monitoring system also helps to prevent potential damages that can be caused by the vibrations such as equipment malfunction and imaging errors.

Our micro-vibration monitoring system also offers the benefits of an integrated system with Real-time Monitoring, Alert System and Systematic Recording of data. With such features and real-time data generated by our system, immediate remedial action or mitigating measures can be taken as soon as possible. Factual reports are also generated from systematically recorded data, allowing better assessment of the environment. Moreover, with the alert system that sends out alerts through SMS and webpage application, critical information will be highly accessible to key personnel.

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It was reported that the South-East Asia earthquake and tsunami, which struck on 26 December 2004, affected millions of people in 11 countries. This event alone has contributed significantly to an increased awareness of the importance of Tremor Monitoring for city buildings, here in Singapore.

A Ryobi G Tremor Monitoring System (RG-TMS) in a building has the potential to:

Saves lives – Our system is able to pick up small tremors which are not obvious to people. Those small tremors could well be foreshocks.
Save costs – a wrong decision of building evacuation can cause loss of man hours. In an event of any seismic activity, user will be alerted through SMS and/or email should the monitored parameters exceed predefined level(s). Real-time data are available over a secure web page, user(s) are able to log in and access the data, Anytime, Anywhere.

Advantages of a tremor monitoring system
– Immediate increase of safety standards in buildings / structures post seismic
– Decrease downtime costs from evacuation due to tremor activity
– Ability to report building state to relevant authorities
– Night awareness for pre-evacuation procedure in residential properties
– Increase property value / valuation